About me

I graduated from Art Academy in illustration, typography, and stop-motion animation. After graduation I worked as a freelance illustrator for women's and children's magazines. Then I started combining illustration with graphic design so I could decide myself how my illustrations were used, even branching out into art-direction of several magazines, including a children's food magazine. I work from my home-studio as a freelancer, which was fantastic while bringing up two boys - and surround myself with all kinds of collections, like my memory collection, which are all a great inspiration to me. Nowadays I love combining illustration, design, photography, collage and (hand)lettering in my work, and I love to collaborate with anyone wanting beautiful, fun designs. I love designing websites , brochures, postcards, food- and other illustrations and handlettering. I'm also honored to have been asked to join Illustrators For Hire - a curated global list of freelance illustrators, www.illustratorsforhire.com

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